Dua For Parents

Dua is the supplication of Allah’s blessings in every aspect of life. These are the mediums of being connected with the almighty. Hence, we can make dua so that He will bless us with good health and prosperity. Persistency in reciting dua helps an individual to be calm and patient. These are the gifts of god that he has given us so that we can remove all the negative things from our lives through his help. 

Parents are the most important as well as a precious part of our lives. They make many sacrifices for their children’s happiness and wealth. And many times children fail to pay them back with respect and care. However, praying for them consistently can be a way to make them happy and secure their health. In Islam, there are different dua for parents a person can make daily to supplicate Allah’s blessings. 

How To Perform Them

This dua is also performed in a similar way as for other duas. But this dua for parents has a very deep meaning in Islam. Henceforth, Allah will only grant your prayers for your parents if you supplicate them with pure intentions. 

  • The first and most important thing is to start your dua with true and sincere intentions. You do not involve bad feelings or greedy objectives behind your prayers.  
  • Sit patiently at a very quiet place where you can focus on your prayers and before that perform Wudu to be in a state of spiritually and physically cleanness. 
  • After this raise your hands and begin with reading Surah with all your heart and respect for Allah. 
  • Along with this express your desires and love for your parent’s happiness in your own words.
  • Conclude your dua for parents by paying respect to Prophet Muhammad and with general prayers. 
  • Repeat this dua for the next 7 days continuously and observe the results. 
Dua For Parents

Different Dua For Parents

Dua For Parent’s Health

allahuma ‘utilu fi eumar ‘umiy wa’abi, warzuqahuma alsihat ma ‘uhyayatuhuma, wa’asead qulubihima wafarij eanhuma kulu humin wayusur ‘amrahuma.. rabiy ‘iiniy ‘uhibuhum fahum ‘aghlaa ma ‘amlak hubun la yaelamuh siwak,.

There is no specific dua for parent’s health and well-being. These are basically the supplications one can make after reciting their routine prayers. In such a dua, people ask Allah for good health and a happy life for their parents. 

Dua To Increase Blessing On Parents

Rabbi awzi’nee an ashkura ni’matakallatee an amta alayya wa alaa waalidayya wa an aamala saalihan tarzahu, wa aslih lee fee zurriyyatee innee tubtu ilayka wa inni minal muslimeen.

This dua shows your gratitude towards Allah for the blessing of having parents. With this dua, you can seek blessings and mercy from Him for your parents. Additionally, ask Him for guidance to proceed in righteous directions of life. 

Dua For Deceased Parents 

allhumi aghfir lah warhamh , waeafih waef eanh , wa’akrim nuzulah , wawasie mudkhalah , waghsilh bialma’ walthalj walbarad , wanaqih min alkhtaya kama naqqyt althawb al’abyad min aldanas , wa’abdilh daraan khayraan min darih , wa’ahlaan khayraan min ‘ahlih , wazawjaaan khayraan min zawjih , wa’adkhilh aljanat , wa’aeidhh min eadhab alqabr waeadhab alnnar

This is recited after the death of parents supplicating Allah for forgiving their sins and providing peace to their souls. However, spiritual guides recommend doing as much charity as possible for your parent’s well-being in heaven. 

Incorporating Dua In Real-Life

Dua is an act of connecting your soul with Allah and supplicating his continuous blessing in your life. Making dua for yourself and for your loved ones consistently can save them and you from mishappenings. Therefore it is very important to seek Allah’s blessing with persistence and pure intentions. This will bring positivity and happiness to you. Also incorporating dua in real life yields long-term spiritual and emotional benefits. 

To make dua for parents a consistent part of daily life, individuals can integrate this practice seamlessly into their routines. Whether it’s during the pre-dawn hours, after obligatory prayers, or during moments of solitude. Always find a regular time for dua to ensure its continuity. Additionally, incorporating specific prayers from the Quran and Hadith that focus on parents can add depth and intention to the supplication. 

Culture of Dua In The Family 

Encouraging a “culture of dua in families” is an insightful as well as a transformative practice. This is a practice that involves cultivating an environment where supplication becomes an integral part of daily life.  However, it is an essential step in creating a shared spiritual journey within the family unit. The culture of dua instills values of gratitude, and humility that settles a deep connection with the spiritual essence of life. 

The religious scholar envisions regular family gatherings for collective prayers and engaging in conversations with the divine. Through these practices, family members selflessly pray for the well-being of each other. It becomes a means of reinforcing familial bonds. However, they collectively navigate the highs and lows of life with a shared commitment to spiritual growth.


The practice of Dua for parents holds profound significance in Islam. It emphasizes the pivotal role parents play in a person’s life. These duas serve as a spiritual bridge between individuals and the divine. However, some duas cater to various aspects, such as happiness, blessings, and forgiveness for parents. Incorporating Dua into daily life fosters a continuous connection with Allah.  

Ultimately, Dua for parents in Islam is a powerful channel for seeking Allah’s blessings. And expressing unwavering love and care for parents who sacrificed so much for their children. These are the duas that do not need much of spiritual rituals to be followed. A person can perform them easily and his his own words by praising Allah and clearly stating their intentions. However, these supplications involve sincerity, patience, and consistency.

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