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Dua for love is something that connects you with the almighty. And love is one of the purest feelings one can have. But many times we get distracted to different paths like jealousy, anger, over-protection, and many others. These things take the feeling of love away from us and we forget what exactly the true meaning of love is. Because of such issues, people lose true love and leave the person they love due to misunderstandings. However, they get ready to do whatever they can to get their love back.

Dua for love is the right way to get your love back and bring the feeling of love into your life. There are so many other ways also to get your love back or to be your love. But making dua is the way that directly unites you with Allah. Reciting dua for love is the process that brings you on the path of spirituality and trust. This will make you believe in Allah and his process for granting one’s dua. Therefore in this article, we have discussed different ways to make a dua for love and what to remember while making a dua. 

How To Make Dua For Someone You Love

It is not always that you make dua to get love and to get reunited with them. But the dua that you make for someone you love is the most beautiful as well as precious dua for love. In Islam, a dua is a source to get along with the choices of God. Hence it is necessary to start your dua by praising Allah and sending his blessing to Prophet Muhammad. 

Dua is a spiritual activity and has religious ways to perform. It is important to remember the person with all your heart and good intentions for whom you want to make the dua. Always ask for guidance from a professional before reciting a dua because they teach you the right way to perform. Moreover, make your dua specific and clear as well as always recite dua for both yourself and the person you love.

What is Dua For Love?

It is important to be specific about the kind of love you are searching for if you are looking for a Dua for Love. Love can be for romantic love, familial love, friendship, or just general love and compassion. This is a general dua to ask Allah to bless you in relationships and love.

Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim

Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeer.

Translation: “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. O my Lord, indeed I am, for whatever good You would send down to me, in need.”

This dua expresses and acknowledges our dependence on Allah for all goodness. You can use it to seek Allah’s guidance and blessings in matters of love. Additionally, after reciting this dua, you can specifically ask for Allah’s help in finding love, maintaining a healthy relationship, or any other aspect related to love that you are concerned about.

Always remember to make dua with sincerity, trust in Allah’s wisdom, and patience. Because he knows what is best for us at this time. 

Dua For Love

Keep Steps To Follow

Here are some steps that are necessary to follow before and during making a Dua for Love. So that your dua will be considered as soon as possible.

  • The first thing one should always do before making a dua or reading the Quran, i.e., clean yourself and perform Wudu. However, this will help you concentrate better. 
  • Sit in a quiet place where no one can disturb you while reading the Dua. 
  • Start with expressing your gratitude to Allah. 
  • Now drink some sacred water from the Zamzam spring, then start reading the Quran. 
  • Most of the time Allah will not grant your Dua, due to the sin you have performed previously or its Haram to Allah. 
  • If such a condition occurs then beg and pray for forgiveness first.
  • After this send your prayers to Prophet Muhammad and his family in the form of ending the Dua.
  • Recite this dua for the next fifteen days and have patience and faith in Allah that he will grant your dua soon. 

Things To Remember

Dua is a religious practice that connects your soul with Allah and provides you with his blessings. However, Dua for Love whether it is for relationship love, or any other form of love requires some consideration to be taken care of which ensures the supplication of your dua. 

Pure Intension

It is necessary to have pure intentions according to Islamic principles. Ensure that you seek the blessings of Allah for the person you truly love and you have genuine feelings for them. 

Halal Intensions

Ensure that your dua aligns with what is permissible in Islam and avoid the prohibited practices. Halal intentions are the things or practices that are allowed in the religion and prove that you are a follower of god. 

Follow Rituals

Always start with abolition (wudu) before a dua. This is the must-followed ritual that ensures that you are now clean and pure from the negative and bad influence of the world. 

Islamic Guidelines

Following Islamic ethics and principles is important. It is recommended to raise your hands during specific times. Also, choose the specific times and occasions for making dua when supplications are more likely to be accepted. 

Specific and Clear

Clearly articulate your request for love. Be specific about the type of love you are seeking and the qualities you desire in the relationship. Hence, also include yourself in the dua you are making for your love. 


Be persistent with your dua. Muhammad says that continuously praying is the key to the early grant of dua. Persistency makes your trust and belief even stronger in Allah’s wisdom.  

Trust in the Process

While making a dua for love remember that god will bless you with what is good for you even if you think it is not. Therefore, trusting the process and waiting for the right time is the solution to all your problems. 


In conclusion, making a dua for love is a profound and spiritual practice in Islam that connects individuals with the Almighty. Seeking Allah’s guidance through dua is a powerful way to restore and strengthen love in our relationships. Therefore, it is necessary to ask a knowledgeable person before making a dua. So that they can help you with the process and guide you in the right direction. 

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